This semester in HeliStudio was special in many ways.
First of all, our family has become a trio. Robin-Aare is the best creation Yves and I have ever made and last two months have been the happiest time in our lives.

Looking back at this year I sincerely wish to thank everyone in HeliStudio for your compassion, support and patience. Expecting a child was a wonderful journey, but there were also few challenging weeks in spring when I had to cancel lessons. I’m very grateful for all the good care and loving support I received from you during that time.

In the end of April several of my students took part of Cobra’s Classic Battle. In HeliStudio we had two bravehearts: Zoë and Katrien sent in their videos with classical pieces. Lets hope that next spring more students will join!

The student recital in June was great joy. Some students simply save their best performance for the very end 😉 What I enjoy most during these concerts is to witness how the ‘musical selfconfidence’ grows within each child.

It’s becoming a tradition to start up the new schoolyear with a performance at “Klassiek op het plein” in Zurenborg. This year Zoë, Soline and Nathan joined us. Yves and I are very curious about the (musical) future of these three youngsters.

In the meantime Robin-Aare was growing in ‘double-tempo’ and it was time to introduce Jan Debel in HeliStudio. He came to the first theory lesson and played Debussy – this made great first impression on everyone 😉 Jan continued my work in excellent manner.

This year has been all about becoming more open and accepting every day how it comes. I love my work very much – yet there is so much more I want to achieve with HeliStudio and also as a pianist. Now, looking back at this year it feels as Robin-Aare decided himself that ‘it was time’, so he came along, turning our lives upside-down and bringing us so much love and inspiration we didn’t knew existed.

We wish you all wonderful holidays and a happy new year!

With love,
Heli, Yves & Robin-Aare

HeliStudio 2012 in pictures: