In my mind I’ve been writting many chapters in this blog, however there is just one reason it hasn’t been happening: Robin-Aare. Our Little Prince who seems to grow quicker than what my mind can grasp. It took him 10 months and 18 days to reach to the pianokeys on his own!

The third schoolyear in HeliStudio ended in high spirits with a student recital in wonderful NK Gallery. This schoolyear passed by even faster than any other. Maybe its due to becoming parents for the first time or maybe its just because when you do what you love time flies. Last year was a mixture of both.

Student recital was again a marathon. Next to piano and guitar we had guest performance from Kadri Saarna and “Maagiline Maa” by HeliStudio was aired also in Kuku Radio in Estonia.

After the student recital Yves and I “jumped” behind the piano to prepare for concerts in Estonia.
Soline travelled along with us as well. Listening to her singing in Estonia made me very proud. It was first time on the road with one of our students and I sincerely hope we can repeat this trip with Soline again. In October we’ll organise an “Estonian Evening” in HeliStudio so that everyone can hear more about this trip and see photos.

Here are some of the best moments from this summer:

HeliConcert 2013  Kadri Saarna Student Recital