Pure Happiness!

It has been a while again, lets take off from where i left you last – the concert Pure Music in Het Klokhuis.
Pure Music turned literally into pure happiness with Soline Ballet, FLOATSTONE & Yves Robyns. A great night celebrating Soline’s first big solo performance and our new musical friendship with FLOATSTONE.
My work as a teacher influences strongly my development as a concert pianist. I’m so grateful for those magical and humble moments in the pianolessons which inspire me while performing solo. Since Yves and i started with HeliStudio music has become something we love to share with others – everyone has their own personal sound! It is such a great joy to see everyone reaching their personal musical milestones at all levels.
At this concert i also had the honor to play première of a pianopiece An Incomplete Doubt by Tomas Ooms. By now this piece has become a part of complete Piano Suite and Tomas is busy composing a piano concerto. Tomas is kind of a modern Mozart in HeliStudio – every pianolesson begins with his own music and these are truly magical moments. Looking forward to share more of his music with you soon!

It was clear that our trip with Soline to Estonia in summer 2013 had inspired her – her singing style is more daring and free. She is the first ‘songbird’ in HeliStudio ready to take on bigger podiums and challenges.
Belgian singer-songwriter FLOATSTONE – Brick De Bois – has also link with Estonia. In May he performed at singer-songwriter festival Mailaul in Tartu. In order to melt all cold Estonian hearts in Tartu (which he did!) FLOATSTONE prepared 2 songs in Estonian and the concert Pure Music was the right place to try out his beautiful Estonian language.

I’d like to share 3 great moments with you from PURE MUSIC in Het Klokhuis, filmed by Cy Leong:

Yves Robyns plays première to his composition “Pure Music”

Soline Ballet sings “Street Life”

FLOATSTONE “Shelter My Soul”



Student Recital Part 1

Its December again – jingle bells and christmas decorations everywhere. Kids are excited about Sinterklaas, older children get more stressed about the exams at school. All this is very obvious also in the piano lesson. The youngest ones get overexcited being able to play “Zie ginds komt de stoomboot” or “Jingle Bells”. Honestly, just like some parents – I’m also tired of these tunes even before the season starts. However, I never get tired of seeing the joy and excitement in children when they learn these songs. Their faces lighten up like fireworks when they recognise these melodies. On the other side I feel lots of compassion for the students who must switch into “exam mode” at school – they become so serious and silent behind the piano. These are just my observations as a teacher.
This semester most of my students are in the hands of Jan Debel. I’m so happy and grateful to have a colleague like him. HeliStudio is a place where music is taught with passion and learning means first of all (self)discovery. I believe that the joy of pianoplaying lasts longer when the student discovers his/her abilities together with the teacher instead of using “master and servant” method. Jan continues my vision in excellent manner and therefore yesterday’s student recital was a true joy to listen.
It was memorable experience also to be in the audience together with our “little prince” Robin-Aare. While listening to students I couldn’t help wondering about the day that our son would take a seat behind the piano during one of the house concerts – how will he sound, how would it make me feel? Probably this day will arrive sooner than i can imagine and then I’ll be missing him like he is right now – the cutest and sweetest baby.
There’s not only musical talent among our students. Babou makes the most beautiful and tasty cupcakes! Some of you already know what I mean, isn’t it 😉 The student concert of next week will also be accompanied by Babou’s cupcakes. Believe me, once you’ve tasted it, one cupcake won’t probably be enough for you, so please check out her webshop: www.babouscupcakes.be

This semester will always remain as a special memory – I’m very happy and grateful for the days I have now to be solely together with Robin-Aare.
Its so heartwarming to see how our baby is cherished by all of you.

Thank you for a great concert and all the positieve energy!



Welcome Robin-Aare!

12.10.2012 is the magical day when our family turned into a trio – our son Robin-Aare Robyns was born! He surprised everyone – the doctors were blown away by his measurements – 4,490 gr and 56,5 cm tall. Yves and I were looking forward to hear his voice – that took few extra heartbreaking moments of silence first.

All this excitement is past now and we have already had million moments of joy together as a family. Long crying nights included 😉 Robin-Aare is teaching us a new language, its called p a t i e n c e.
However, if one of his parents doesn’t succeed to change the dipers as quickly as Robin-Aare would prefer – he attacks us with different “unexpected weapons”. At this moment I can confirm that babies are sweet indeed when they sleep, but quite a challenge to figure out when they are awake. We are getting better at it day by day. I can already make a difference in his crying when its only about a diper or something else! Becoming a parent is a long proces. Right now every smile I get from my son feels like the biggest compliment ever! Each cute giggle he makes simply melts my heart and every morning with him feels like “a whole new world” ready to discover.

It seems to me that our schoolbord has a new subject – loveletters to Robin-Aare ;). I see much less  music notes and more hearts and smileys along with Robin-Aare’s name. All students have surprised us with wonderful gifts. Thank you so, so much! The sweetest surprise (literally!) was a cake from Ella – it was a true piece of art – the most beautiful cake ever!!! Check out the photo below. My mom once surprised me with a cake in the form of pianokeys – that was also pretty cool, but Ella’s cake went straight to our hearts! It tasted as memorable as it looks!

We have the honor to use the buggy from “la pianista” Zoë. It’s so amazing to realise that we all have started out the same way – growing gram by gram and centimeter per centimeter… I can’t help thinking of Zoë when I’m walking with my son and secretly dreaming, that just like Zoë, hopefully Robin-Aare will choose to study piano out of free will as well.

At this moment we can confirm that Robin-Aare likes girls very much, especially girls with brown eyes! When Lola or Babou come around he simply gets lost in their eyes, (see the photo below!).

Next to Robin-Aare’s soprano voice upstairs, there is also some great piano playing going on in HeliStudio. In december we organise two house-concerts in Mechelsesteenweg.  What would be better way to give a baby-shower than to literally shower our baby in music. So, lets do it! 😉

Much love,




We’ve all received a big gift – a whole new year with fresh energy, ideas and chances!
In HeliStudio the first lesson week of this year has been amazing: i’m sincerely impressed with our young generation – it sounds like most children have spent their Xmas holidays simply behind the piano! I’ve heard so much progress in everyone’s playing since last two weeks.

Holidays was good time to take a look backwards. During the lesson weeks life is so hectic and there isn’t enough time to realize the magic which actually happens every single day. Reading the Xmas cards and my own lesson-diary made me realize that our students and their parents have become kind of a new family. It’s fun to read how children describe each others performances in our guestbook. During the holidays I was wondering how many students were keeping their promise to play house-concerts at home. I’m sincerely happy for Leen and her brand new Kemble piano from Moreau Pianoservice. Kan has tested several grand piano’s for months and finally found the one at Piano’s Van De Winkel. The arrival of our own Kemble grand was also one of the most memorable moments of the last year: 17th of August at 14:32 – these numbers are simply printed in my heart.

HeliStudio is expanding not only by the number of new piano’s, but also with new students.
This semester Ella (11) and Xenya (7) have joined with us. In our musical world map it means one point for Belgium and one for Ukraine! 😉

Looking forward to our next student concert in March and the grande finale in June.
We are working on some amazing ensemble pieces. It’s going to be fun and groovy with Tom, Leya, Katrien & Co and there are also lyrical performances with Zoë, Lola & Ayana.

Life in HeliStudio happens in such a different pace than what I’ve been able to predict!
The unexpected always happens – in a good sense!



Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells!

This week the last pianolessons of 2011 take place and then we’ll all tune in with the holiday mood.

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas… Yes we do, literally!!!
However, Raindrops are falling on my head… sounds more real these days.
Whatever weather there will be, Yves and I wish you all wonderful holiday time
together with your loved ones.

Along with many beautiful memories, we will remember 2011 especially for the
arrival of our first grand piano. The 17th of August was a beautiful summer day,
but we felt absolutely tropical heat when the piano finally landed in our appartement.
For us the Kemble grand is a bridge into exciting future along with you.

Music is a symbol of love and growth.

These are also two keywords describing our New Year’s gift for you.
It is still a work in progress and it will be something to look forward to when
you come to your first piano lesson in 2012!
Thank you for the music.

May your holidays sparkle and shine!


With love,
Heli & Yves


HeliStudio in wording op Mechelsesteenweg!

We zijn aan het afbreken en opbouwen, schuren en schilderen en nog van alles aan het doen. De nieuwe leslokaal van HeliStudio is in wording! Op 17.augustus komt de Kemble vleugel er aan. Yves en ik hebben deze dagen erg veel hulp aan mijn broer Aare die ons met raad en daad helpt.

We zien ernaar uit om jullie binnenkort te verwelkomen in een gezellige lesruimte met de nieuwe vleugel!