Pure Happiness!

It has been a while again, lets take off from where i left you last – the concert Pure Music in Het Klokhuis.
Pure Music turned literally into pure happiness with Soline Ballet, FLOATSTONE & Yves Robyns. A great night celebrating Soline’s first big solo performance and our new musical friendship with FLOATSTONE.
My work as a teacher influences strongly my development as a concert pianist. I’m so grateful for those magical and humble moments in the pianolessons which inspire me while performing solo. Since Yves and i started with HeliStudio music has become something we love to share with others – everyone has their own personal sound! It is such a great joy to see everyone reaching their personal musical milestones at all levels.
At this concert i also had the honor to play première of a pianopiece An Incomplete Doubt by Tomas Ooms. By now this piece has become a part of complete Piano Suite and Tomas is busy composing a piano concerto. Tomas is kind of a modern Mozart in HeliStudio – every pianolesson begins with his own music and these are truly magical moments. Looking forward to share more of his music with you soon!

It was clear that our trip with Soline to Estonia in summer 2013 had inspired her – her singing style is more daring and free. She is the first ‘songbird’ in HeliStudio ready to take on bigger podiums and challenges.
Belgian singer-songwriter FLOATSTONE – Brick De Bois – has also link with Estonia. In May he performed at singer-songwriter festival Mailaul in Tartu. In order to melt all cold Estonian hearts in Tartu (which he did!) FLOATSTONE prepared 2 songs in Estonian and the concert Pure Music was the right place to try out his beautiful Estonian language.

I’d like to share 3 great moments with you from PURE MUSIC in Het Klokhuis, filmed by Cy Leong:

Yves Robyns plays première to his composition “Pure Music”

Soline Ballet sings “Street Life”

FLOATSTONE “Shelter My Soul”




Heli loves to perform Estonian piano music.
Yves talks most through the piano.
Soline sings from her heart.
FLOATSTONE makes you listen and cherish the moment.

Together we bring you an evening with PURE MUSIC.

heliyves2 Soline sings Songbird! brick

Heli Jakobson & Yves Robyns, piano
Soline Ballet, voice
FLOATSTONE, singer/songwriter

28 March 20:00
Het Klokhuis, Parochiaanstraat 4-4a, 2000 Antwerpen

Tickets:voorverkoop 19 euro / studenten (<26j) 10 euro / aan de kassa 24 euro

Autumn Student Recital

Upcoming student recital will take place on saturday 23rd of November at 14:00 in Het Klokhuis, Parochiaanstraat 4-4a. Be there to witnes our growing talents and people who are passionate about music! In the program piano and voice, musical styles from classics to modern.

HeliConcert 2013

Student Recital June 2013

We wish you a warm welcome to the final student recital of this schoolyear!
It will take place on the 2nd of June in NK Gallery in Antwerp. Next to piano solo and quatre-mains there are also several guitar and vocal performances to look forward to along with the guest-performance from Estonian singer Kadri Saarna. Music is vitamin M, so make time to come and enjoy HeliStudio piano-marathon!

Here is the official invite:


uitnodiging helistudio juni 2013 web v2