Here we share links about people who inspire us!


Eveline Slijper designs E*S jewels – beautiful accessories for pianists! Eveline herself is also one of the outstanding students in the adult piano class. She started her piano journey in HeliStudio in 2010.






Cy Leong is “family-photographer” of HeliStudio. She captures intimate and fragile moments at our student concerts and other performances. You can enjoy her beautiful work also here on our website.





HeliStudio students took part of Floatstone’s video clip “Skipping Over Damaged Area”.
He toured in Estonia 2014 and took part of Mailaul in Tartu. For this occasion he also sang in Estonian and this gives him magical 12 points from HeliStudio team!



I have met many inspiring people during my piano studies, yet there has been one teacher who tought me how to make music – this was czech Prof.Jiri Hlinka. Today I pass on much of the “know how” i learned from him in HeliStudio. Jiri Hlinka Klaverakademiet organizes masterclasses led by Jiri’s ex-students, now internationally acclaimed pianists – Leif Ove Andsnes, Havard Gimse, Geir Botnen.




One of my personal idols in the world of music pedagogy is conductor, author and public speaker Benjamin Zander. Mr. Zander’s passion and enthusiasm tell me that music is the vitamine M and our mission as musicians is to share and spread this positive effect.To get the best results as a conductor mr. Zander asks himself:”Who am I being that my players eyes are not shining?”
This is very powerful question to keep in mind during any kind of teaching process in the classroom or in the piano lesson.



estonianI am very proud to promote my homeland Estonia. We are often referred to as the “singing nation”. Throughout the history of our country, music has been a way to hold on to the Estonian identity and language.


The will to preserve ones traditions and language lies in the idea of breathing together as one nation. Singing is a way to breath together.Here is a short film about the importance of Estonian Song Celebration . The uniqueness of this mesmerising event has even earned the song and dance celebration a place at UNESCO’s prestigious list of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

shot-20150901-2039-13rgg4zPiano tuning: Yves’passion for tuning pianos goes beyond the mechanical tuning process. When Yves comes to your house to tune the piano, a gifted pianist comes to tune and test your piano, brightening up your living area with a beautiful piece as a test before and after the tuning. When you want to buy a new piano, sell your piano Yves will be there to assist. He looks at the instrument as a piano technician, teacher and above all a passionate and gifted pianist.