Welcome to HeliStudio

where music lives

Hello! We wish you a warm welcome to HeliStudio, a place where music lives!

Heli has inherited musical way of life due to the Singing Revolution years (1987-1991) in her home country Estonia. As a young child i learned that music gives people courage and strenght.
Yves studied first violin in musicschool in Beringen and played guitar before he found his true love – jazz piano in the conservatory of Antwerp.

HeliStudio idea stems from our common passion for piano and belief that music makes people better.

Music is the road to take when you want to cherish your creativity and playfulness. Its the language of the heart translated in sound. We find that modern living has taken us quite far away from the skill to listen to your inner voice and stay in touch with yourself.

In HeliStudio we approach piano playing as a way of talking through the notes – it leaves enough space for everyone to have their opinion and still you can tell your story and the world will listen.

Take a further look at our website, we hope you will find what you are looking for!

Heli & Yves